See You Later, Alligator!

What do mathematics and the fashion have in common? Models. They represent the reality, for example… evolution of crocodile populations. Why have crocodiles survived millions of years while other dinosaur genera died out? Possibly thanks to the temperature sex determination. Usually the sex of the hatchling is determined by genes during conception. However, for crocodiles […]

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At the Table Or On the Menu?

Why should Poland adopt the Euro? Former foreign minister Radek Sikorski offers a culinary argument. “I think that this is a situation captured well by an American proverb”, he says: “if you are not at the table, you are on the menu”. In other words, he suggests that Poland’s adoption of the common currency would […]

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How Does the Brain Store Memory?

What is memory anyway? Can it be thought of as a pattern of neuronal activity, tracked down to individual cells making up the brain? Or is it fundamentally inscrutable and forever doomed to remain the topic of philosophical treatises? Recent scientific advances have made it possible to directly observe, and even to manipulate memories in […]

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