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As Getty Science we want to give scientists the opportunity to promote their work to the wider public.

Today, being a scientist in a way is much more challenging than it was in the past. The progress we have made in all fields in the past hundred years gave scientists much more tools and opportunities for a deeper analysis of the subjects. Scientists become highly specialised individuals within a narrow field of expertise.   Further progress more often requires an interdisciplinary approach. And there is much greater pressure put on researchers to present results. At the same time the gap between scientific and non-scientific worlds is increasing. Therefore contemporary scientists have to be able to communicate about their work not only with their peers but also with researchers from other fields and the whole community outside academia including business and policy makers.

With Getty Science we want to help scientists/researchers who are specialists in their fields to master science communication. The idea is simple: as a scientist you can become an author and we will provide you with guidance to write a short 600-hundred-word popular science article about your field of expertise. Once our editors will make the final touches it will be published together with your bio. We publish in the form of a magazine available for free to download as a PDF and also in the form of a post on our website.

We do put efforts to promote texts and authors we publish but we know that the biggest potential is within you – an author. All the authors share information about their publication in their networks and all these people visit Getty Science where they get an opportunity to read and comment on other articles.

So far we have successfully published a couple of issues of Getty Science magazine – see covers below. The very first issue has been prepared as a result of partnership with the Science. Polish Perspectives conference held in Oxford, UK. If you would like to get more details on the topics covered by our authors simply write to us and we will pass your question and contact details.

Would you like to become an author? Click here. We are open to all scientists. If you are a science communicator interested in publishing or an organisation interested in a partnership, please contact us by email (see below). If you like the idea and would like to contribute in other ways please write to us. You can also contribute by simply sharing this page with your friends. Click on the cover on the side to download your free copy and share with your friends.

Contact: contact@gettyscience.com


Pawel Jaworski - Getty Science founder Marcin Dembek - Getty Science

Kasia Kai Xiang Lim - Getty Science

Thanks to all supporters: Kinga Pławik for editorial work in the first issue, Matt Hancock for contributing to the second issue and Olle Bergman for overall inspiration and guidance.

Science: Polish Perspectives Review 2018 - Getty Science vol 08
Science: Polish Perspectives Review 2018 – Getty Science (vol 08)


Science: Polish Perspectives Review 2016 - Getty Science vol 07
Science: Polish Perspectives Review 2016 – Getty Science (vol 07)


Science: Polish Perspectives Review 2015 - Getty Science vol 06
Science: Polish Perspectives Review 2015 – Getty Science (vol 06)


Young Urology Meeting Review with Getty Science (Vol05)
Young Urology Meeting Review with Getty Science (Vol05)


Getty Science vol04


Getty Science vol03


Getty Science vol02
Getty Science vol02
Getty Science vol01
Getty Science vol01

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