Can Young Rebel Scholars Change Academia?

The contemporary university is changing nowadays and the main thing what we can discuss is the directions of the changes. The source of changes should be characterized by a bottom-up approach, especially by those who have already achieved extraordinary scientific success and understand the requirement for “creative destruction” of traditional forms of the university. Changes […]

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The common itch: the skin picking disorder

Skin picking disorder is little known yet widely experienced condition belonging to a group of disorders known as body-focused repetitive behaviours, which are characterised by repetitive auto-destructive actions towards own body. Examples include hair pulling, nail biting, and teeth grinding. Person with the skin picking disorder feels a frequent compulsion to pick their skin, resulting […]

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An unconventional explosives detector

Almost all explosive materials and chemical weapons possess unique, distinguishing chemical characteristics and are frequently composed of these four elements: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon. For example, Trinitrotoluene more widely known as the TNT consist of seven carbon atoms (C7), five hydrogen atoms (H5), three nitrogen atoms (N3) and six oxygen atoms (O6). As reported […]

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Blowing in the Wind

I bet you’re not looking forward to receiving your monthly electricity bills. Can you predict how much you’ll be charged this time? Power markets are surprisingly complicated. Trading energy is a relatively new idea, increasingly important because of the gradual liberalisation of the EU electricity industry. Not only do market rules in various countries differ […]

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In the rhythm of DNA

The world around us is surprisingly predictable. Most of flowers bloom in the spring, birds migrate in the autumn and humans wake up similar time every day. Our and most of other living organisms bodies have an inner rhythm and if certain behaviours repeat every 24 hours we often call it circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm […]

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How Police Analysts Use Intuition To Solve Criminal Cases?

Intuition has been a fundamental cognitive process that allows us to make quick but accurate decisions in dangerous situations. Even though we are less exposed to life-or-death situations, intuition still plays a crucial role in our everyday decision-making. When we face a problem, our brain unconsciously analyzes our experience and suggests a solution by sending […]

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